Hello, I'm Romain.

I'm interested in infrastructure, programming, data, building businessesmusic, and much more.

I make web targeted software amongst other computer related things.

My day-to-day job involves helping early-stage company founders achieving better results with less technical effort.


Sometimes, I write articles about technical concerns.

You can also browse the full archive.


Rdc-Etl — Extract Transform Load Toolkit for Python

Rdc-Etl is an Extract Transform Load toolkit for Python. Use simple transformation functions interconnected with FIFO queues. Designed very much alike historical tools like Pentaho Data Integration or Talend Open Studio, but designed for python coders. Supports python2, and have an exprimental support (used in production on a few projets) for python3 (see py3k branch).

LeanJS — NodeJS / React / Redux universal starter kit

LeanJS is a NodeJS / React / Redux universal web application starter kit. It's instrumented with some handy development tools, like hot-module-reload (HMR) and Redux DevTools.

Note: The plan is to make it support more targets, like native mobile applications (using ReactNative) or desktop applications (using Electron), but that's not implemented for now.

EdgyEvent — Python Event Dispatcher

Edgy-Event is a small event dispatcher library with no dependencies, which was at some point a translation to python of Symfony's EventDispatcher component.



Started a while ago as an experiment on how to store, manage and organize the web content I find relevant, my bookmarks are now publicly available.

Some (not so) random pre-filtered categories from trendy and interesting topics:

If you like the application concept and would like to use it for your own web content management, we started to package it as an independent service, Linkcamp.

You should set yourself on the waitlist and we'll get in touch as soon as we have some available space for you.

Knowledge base

I also maintain a Knowledge Base with code snippets, references, links and much more, mostly about computing and business creation related tools and techniques.

According to the legend, one may have found some relevant piece of code in the Noah's Ark of Computing when all the rest of the Internet got flooded.

Also, you can clone the repository for offline use.