Hello, I'm Romain. I'm interested in linux, python, startups and music (but not only ...).

I make web sites and other computer related things.


Sometimes, I write articles about technical concerns.

You can also browse the full archive.



Started a while ago as an experiment on how to store, manage and organize the web content I find relevant, my bookmarks are now publicly available.

Some (not so) random pre-filtered categories from trendy and interesting topics:

If you like the application concept and would like to use it for your own web content management, we started to package it as an independent service, Linkcamp.

You should set yourself on the waitlist and we'll get in touch as soon as we have some available space for you.

Knowledge base

I also maintain a Knowledge Base, as a git-backed wiki, to keep code snippets, opinions and ideas (mostly) about computer related tools and techniques.

It's a bit messy, as I mostly use it as a notepad. But, according to the legend, one may have found some relevant piece of code here when all the rest of the Internet got flooded.

Also, you can clone the repository for offline use.