I'm Romain Dorgueil.

I'm interested in infrastructure, programming, data, building businessesmusic, and much more.

My job involves helping early-stage company founders to achieve better results with less technical effort.

This website

This website is my personal notebook.

The application is written in python, using the django framework along with jinja2 templating and wagtail content management.

Articles are static HTML files generated by pelican, a static website generator.

Bookmarks is using PostgreSQL and SOLR 5 as backends. Look at Linkcamp if you want the same for yourself.

Knowledge base is a wiki that uses a Git repository as its backend, and editing is made possible through Github file editor.

A few Bonobo ETL tasks are helping to keep the house clean, amongst other data retrieval operations.

Last but not least, all pieces of software needed to operate this website are run in Docker containers.

Legal notices

All work presented on this website is licensed under CC by-nc-nd 3.0 Unported License unless stated otherwise.

Hosted on GKE, a managed Kubernetes cluster running in Google Compute Engine,

Any opinions expressed on this website do not reflect those of my current or past employers.