Wiki Business Marketing Traffic Acquisition and Lead Generation

Theory: conversion funnel is a simple funnel. Reality: there's a variety of channels interacting and sales/lead are never or rarely a single channel linear funnel.


  1. What do you want to achieve?
  1. What's the lifetime value associated with objective?

Sometimes, requires hypothesis on conversion ratios.

  1. Deduct the associated Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).
  2. Define budget / channel.



  • Organic search. Search is the expression of a user intent.
    • You can chose to write content: good, relevant, unique, on a regulat basis.
    • You can chose to create "intent grids" X x Y x Z, by dimmension.
  • Social reach
    • LinkedIn Publishing and group share
    • Medium
    • Facebook
  • Mail-based Outbound-Marketing
    • Generate lists of prospects and automate.
    • Clean up your lists (kickbox, briteverify)
    • Enrich with tools (lusha)
    • Test schedules, A/B test objects, texts, stories.
    • Automate (mixmax)
    • (on personal mail) Don't give up before 9 touches () but send 50-250 mails /day.
  • Visibility exchange
    • Guest post, banners, targeted newsletters
  • Public relations
    • Experts for guest posting
    • Agencies (pressking ...)


Use cases