Pareto's law of the Pragmatic Entrepreneur

The well-known Pareto's Principle state that 80% of the effects comes from 20% of the causes.

A useful pragmatic corollary is:

“You should focus on the 20% causes that produce 80% of the effects, then simply ignore the rest.”

You will have a smaller outcome, but the return on investment ratio will be 4 times higher doing so.

Although it sounds pretty obvious, it is very hard to apply in real work, because people that love building products tend to be perfectionists. But nobody gives a care, and if you waste this additional time, you'll eventually end up wasting so many resources that your project will go bankruptcy.

So think about where is the value in your product, your features, your actions, your time and cut off this annoying 80% investment that is not so far from useless.