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Europython 2017

This year, I had the chance to attend Europython 2017 in Rimini, Italia. I was also reaaly happy and proud to present Bonobo ETL there, Europython being my favourite tech conference for quite a few years now.

Conference Abstract

Simple is better than complex, right? That’s true for data pipelines too.

For more than 5 years, I hacked together extract-transform-load (ETL) processes in various different positions (ETL is just a fancy term for «bunch of things that take data somewhere and put it elsewhere, eventually transformed»).

I did it as a founder, as a consultant, as a technical co-founder, for some side projects, and now as a technical advisors in two (corporate) start-up accelerators.

In each case, I felt frustrated with the tools available, and in some serious cases, I had to hack things myself to get the job done. Bonobo is the repackaging of my past experiences for python 3.5+, and grasping the basics should not take more than the length of the presentation.



I can't thank enough all participants for Bonobo sprint, during the week-end that followed the conference. Yes, a lot of people were tempted by Rimini's sun and beaches, and it takes real courage to spend a good part of the week-end in Palacongressi, hacking on open-source projects!

But yes, you guys are warriors, and you were there!

The Bonobo ETL sprint, at Europython 2017! Hard forking action in progress!

Thank you Alex Vykaliuk, Alexmach77, Carloca, Faic, Parthiv20 <>_, Vitalii Vokhmin and any one I would have forgotten here (unlikely, but still, against my will if I did).

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